Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Time & Space Machine ClashMusic DJ Mix Podcast

Richard Norris aka The Time & Space Machine drops a new mix on ClashMusic. Ahead of his new album "Taste The Lazer" set for release on Tirk on April 9th. You can get that on the ClashMusic web site via stream or download

The Time And Space Machine Hot Trip In Heaven Mix
1. Recollections - Prefuse 73
2. Crazy Guitar Talk
3. Little Bird - A T+SM Edit
4. Ken Babbs Babbles
5. The Devil's Well - The Laurels
6. Baby Please Don't Go - Ballroom
7. Baia - Jokers
8. Silent Screamer - Dave Myers Effect
9. High Life - Ibliss
10. Ken Babbs Harp and Whistle
11. Pieces Of Light - Brainticket
12. Hot Trip To Heaven
13. We Love You - Guy Pedersen and Son Grand Orchestre
14. Wicked Annabella - The Kinks
15. Rambo Zambo - Kollectiv
16. Vacances - Clubman
17. Feel Flows - The Beach Boys
18. The Far Side Of Your Mind - The Fourth Way

Andrew Weatherall Interview

Fred Perry Subculture have a good video interview with Andrew Weatherall up right now. Insights into his work, fashion, digital music and tattoo's amongst other subjects.
Check that out here

Lothar Funk : Six Ton Armor Psychcast 30

Psychcast #30 has been up for a few days over at Six Ton Armor, this time its San Diego resident Lothar Funk doing duties.
Stream or download the mix here

Giallo Disco Podcast #1 - Antoni Maiovvi

Good Tracklist on this mix :

  • steve moore - enhanced humanoid 
  • spacelex - pretty face 
  • fatal error - fatal error 
  • fad gadget - lady shave 
  • electrick dragon - davorite 
  • umberto - forsaken dawn 
  • vercetti technicolor - l'incubo senza fine 
  • night moves - transdance (new york mix) 
  • kraftwerk - it's more fun to compute 
  • The rhythm section - contest 
  • brassica - quicksand 
  • model 500 - No UFOs 
  • dr. phibes - acid story 
  • coma club - untitled a1 
  • ali renault - deep sea pumas 
  • azoto - exalt-exalt 
  • fiero - carrera

Friday, March 30, 2012

Roly Porter Interview And Mix

Alpha-Ville have a nice interview and mix from former Vex'd member Roly Porter current up on the site. Well worth checking out

The track below from Roly on his Aftertime LP was one of our favourite releases of 2011, absolutely stunning!

Lone - Crystal Caverns 1991 : R&S Records

Stunning retro hybrid sounds on this new release on Belgium's R&S records from Lone aka Matt Cutler. Available now at your local record emporium!