Wednesday, July 4, 2012

SHA Podcast 173 : Posthuman

Tasty podcast mix produced for Special Housin' Association by Posthuman. Tracks from House Of Black Lanterns, Ceephax Acid Crew, Pariah and Claro Intellecto to name a few.
Full track list and further info can be found here

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DJ Overload : Live @ Elements 21st June 2012

DJ Overload live at elements from 21st June, a great old skool DJ set brought to our attention courtesy of Blog To The Oldskool a blog run by Dev/null

01 Baby D – Let me be your Fantasy
02 We R 3 – Happiness
03 House Crew – Euphoria (Nino’s Dream)
04 Rhythm Section – Dreamworld
05 Jem 77 – Never Felt This Way (Hyper Mix)
06 Sound Corp – Dream Finder (Dream Finder Remix)
07 Open Skies – Deep In Your Eyes
08 Serotonin – Rumblism
09 Krome & Time – This Sound Is For The Underground
10 Dave Charlesworth – Energizer 3
11 Nicky Mac – Feel My Love
12 Force Mass Motion – Esthisis
13 DJ Edge – The Remix
14 Ellis Dee – Dance Factor (Rennie P Remix)
15 +e=Exotic – Voice Of The Devil
16 Spaced – Deeper
17 EQ – Total Xstacy
18 Brainstorm Crew – Reach Up
19 DJ SS & EQ – DJ’s Anthem Volume 1
20 Spectral – Touch Somebody (DJ Seduction Remix)
21 Psychotropic – Hypnosis (Remixes)
22 Ellis Dee + D.J. Swanne – Ruff Neck Bizznizz
23 Phuture Assassins – Roots ‘N Future (Make Dem Know Mix)
24 Nu-Matic – Hard Times (Original Mix)
25 Acen – Trip II The Moon (The Darkside…)
26 Sub Love – Underground
27 Blame – Music Takes You
28 DJ Phantasy + DJ Gemini– Never Try The Hippodrome (Remix)
29 Freestyle & DJR – Madness
30 Cosmo & Dibs – Star Eyes(Remix)
31 DJ Rap – Divine Rhythm
32 Egyptian Empire – Horn Track
33 Nebula II – X-Plore H-Core
34 Internal Affairs – Stylin
35 Doc Scott – The Rider
36 Foul Play – Open Your Mind (Tango Remix)
37 Tek 9 – Just A Dream (Remix III)
38 Aurora – Shauns Revenge
39 Blame – Feel The Energy
40 Awesome 3 – Don’t Go (Kicks Like A Mule Mix)
41 Liquid – Sweet Harmony
42 Mastersafe – In Your Eyes
43 Jonny L – Hurt You So (Alright) (The ‘Full’ Mix)
44 Nookie – Gonna Be Alright (Cloud 9 Remix)
45 N.R.G. – I Need Your Love (Real Hardcore Mix)

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John Macedo : Silt (C20)

JOHN MACEDO is a polymath sound alchemist from London. Having previously collaborated / performed with / remixed the likes of Phil Julian, Trencher and Chris Tosic, Mr MACEDO briefly descends to the Beartown gutter to bestow two deranged compositions upon our bewildered furry ears.

SILT is loud, abrasive, textured and depthless. Composed with and performed on a custom-built modular analogue system, MACEDO's label debut guides the listener into the inhospitable wilds of a glitching drone hinterland. Flowing and churning over the course of 10 enlightening minutes, side A shows an experienced disaster-naut at the peak of his powers, casting spells and taking metaphorical lawnmowers apart in equal measures.

Flip the biscuit to reveal harsher, more opaque tonal structures. Entrancing, meditative and densely layered, side B is a cathartic realisation of the inherent blissful reality that comes from "making a right proper racket and that"

Edition of 30 with textured paper insert, powder blue on-tape stickers and deceptively peaceful pea-green tapes.

Available now at Beartown Records

I. Marcello : Edizione Della Notte

Great mix from I.Marcello with a heap of pure Italo classics, info / tracklisting below

Italo Fundamentalo presents: Edizione Della Notte
Mixed by I.Marcello
Valerie Dore – The Night
Nord Est – Overnight
Konty – Introught The Night
Liza Mancini – A Summer Night
Brian Ice – Talking To The Night
Brian Martin – Sex Tonight
G.J. Lunghi – Acapulco Nights
Facts & Fiction – Give Me The Night
Klapto – Queen Of The Night
Art Of Love – Looking Through The Night
Electric Mind – Let Me Love Tonight
Ken Laszlo – Tonight
Stereo – Somewhere In The Night
Camomilla – Queen Of The Night
Angel – I Love The Night
Dorine Hollier – Tonight... Crazy Night
Azul Y Negro – The Night
Rational Youth – City Of Night