Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cousin Cole & Phi Unit : So Emotional Volume 2

The second So Emotional mixtape from Cousin Cole and Phi Unit is complete. Individual tracks featuring remixes of M83, Gil Scott Heron, Warpaint and Switch amongst others are available from Soundcloud here with the 66 minute mix available to stream or download available also via Soundcloud below

Q Chip / Cestrian : Bunker 3097

Release of the day is a split LP from Q Chip & Cestrian (Ali Renault) on the illusive Bunker Records out of the Hague in Holland. No labels, no tracklisting, no inserts just quality electro

Radio Boredcast : 744 hour Online Radio Project

Radio Boredcast is a 744-hour online radio project, curated by Vicki Bennett (People Like Us) with AV Festival 12. In response to our ambiguous relationship with time - do we have too much or not enough? - Radio Boredcast celebrates the detail, complexity and depth of experience lost through our obsession with speed.

The full list of participants in Radio Boredcast with new and exclusive recordings and shows are :
Carl Stone, Pseu Braun & Alex Orlov, Touch, Rob Weisberg, Nicolas Collins, Andrew Lahman, Chris & Cosey, Jonathan Dean and Transmuteo, Cheese Snob Wendy, Kevin Nutt, Tony Coulter, Daniel Menche, Scott Williams, John Wynne, Chris Watson, Jem Finer and Longplayer, Tim Maloney, Ergo Phizmiz, Matmos, Dave Soldier, Charlie and Busy Doing Nothing, Andrew Sharpley, Nancy O Graham, Gwilly Edmondez, Anna Ramos & Roc Jiménez De Cisneros, Doug Horne, Irene Moon, David Suisman, Radio Web MACBA, Mark Gergis and Porest, Jez Riley French, Don Joyce, Carlo Patrao and Zepelim, Dorian Jones, Jason Willett, Zach Layton, Primate Arena with Alex Drool and Eran Sachs, David Toop, Dylan Nyoukis, Jared Blum and GiganteSound, Ed Pinsent, Adrian Philips aka Mr Rotorvator, Axel Stockburger, Craig Dworkin, Felix Kubin, People Like Us, Language Removal Services, Daniela Cascella, John Levack Drever, Joel Eaton, Clay Pigeon, Gudrun Gut, Charles Powne, Carl Abrahamsson, Andreas Bick and Silent Listening, Phantom Circuit, Patti Schmidt aka Wheelie Houdini, Leif Elggren, Ken Freedman, Erik Bünger, Douglas Benford, Christof Migone, BJNilsen, Andy Baio, Adam Thomas aka Preslav Literary School, Caroline Bergvall, Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza, Tapeworm, Brent Clough and The Night Air, Ilan Volkov, Nat Roe, Steven Ball, X41, The Long Now Foundation, Sharon Gal, Michael Ruby, Jonathan Leidecker, DJ/rupture, Gordon Monahan, Michael Cumella aka MAC, Lloyd Dunn and nula, DDDJJJ666, and Kenneth Goldsmith..

The archive is available at

Timothy J Fairplay : Juno Podcast

Juno Records 37th podcast courtesy of Timothy J Fairplay. Catch that and an interview with the man here or stream below. Highly recommended listening from this talented young producer

Deep Space Orchestra : ISODISCO Podcast 15th podcast comes from Deep Space Orchestra with an hour of deep catchy house

1. East Liberty Quarters - Streetlights (East Liberty Quarters)
2. Frank Booker - Hope (Fine Art)
3. Andy Ash - Somehow (Use of Weapons CDR)
4. Ruf Dug - At the tuck shop (Ruf Kutz)
5. Skymark - Insane Feeling (Neroli)
6. Frits Wentink - Ezzo two (Triphouse)
7. Discemi - FM2AM (My Favourite Robot)
8. Steve Summers - Lucid Fingers (Echovolt)
9. Gerry Read - We Are (Fourth Wave)
10. Shoebox - Other way around (Shoebox)
11. Vahagn - Relapse (Buzzin Fly)
12. Reggie Dokes - Sustain (Kuumba)
13. Vahagn - Trust (Groovement)
14. Alex Alterskye - What you got (Tom Demac remix) (Freche Fruchte)
15. Model 500 - Wanderer (Transmat)
16. Lauer - Banned (Live at Robert Johnson)
17. Begin - Elate (Begin)

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