Thursday, June 14, 2012

Skytree : Treemix / See-Through Space

Due August 2012, Skytree have a remix product with Bird of Prey, Archan Nair, Wisp, Billy Blacklight, Sina, Shamanic Technology, Mimi Page, Mikey Likes It, sAuce, Beard o Bees and Christ already on remix duties. Sounds very interesting and we eagerly await this.
In the meantime you can download See Through Space and stream a Biolumigen Starseed remix of Earth Sing on the bands Bandcamp page right now

Resources :

Drop The Lime After Hours Mix

This one slipped through the net from Drop The Lime. One time Breakcore artist before moving into more electro house infused circles, DTL has created a perfect after hours mix of some of his favourite tracks.

The Project Club : Dance With The Devil

Essential Listening #13 of 101


Betty Botox : The Final EP

Release of the day
A welcome return and sad farewell from Betty Botox on this the aptly titled Final EP. Those familiar with Betty will know it's a well known Scottish DJ and producer behind the Botox alias, crossing psyche, funk and the finest disco edits on half a dozen or so releases since first popping up in 2005.

Some Acid....

Whilst listening to some old Bionic Orange records earlier today it got us in the mood for some with that in mind here's some recent quality acid tracks that are well worth checking out