Thursday, May 31, 2012

Terre Thaemlitz : Soulnessless

Release of the day : Terre Thaemlitz : Soulnessless
A 32 hour album, yep 32 hours!! All housed on a 16gb Micro memory card..details below









Available at Boomkat

Luke Vibert : Dazed Digital Mix

Luke Vibert has dropped an exclusive 39 minute mix for Dazed Digital ahead of the Soundcrash night on this Saturday (2nd June) which has Luke playing alongside 808 State, Ceephax Acid Crew and AGT Rave Cru amongst others

1. Sentimental Hardcore - Wagon Christ
2. Drum N Bass - Plug
3. UBFormby - Wagon Christ
4. Chunkothy - Wagon Christ
5. Sci Fi Staircase - Wagon Christ
6. 3:07 - Plug
7. Come On My Skeleton - Plug
8. Wake Up - Wagon Christ

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Acid Warriorz : Acid Mission : John Faustus

Something new to us here from Acid Warriorz, not sure if this is a collective or one person, but he / they make a killer rave meets acid racket which is right up our street, check their latest below and also check Soundcloud for more tracks

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Major Thinkers : Avenue B

Superb track put up on Soundcloud about an hour ago (at the time of writing this) by Finders Keepers to showcase and promote the Strange Passion : Irish Post Punk release due on Finders Keepers sub label Cache Cache in July.
Produced by Major Thinkers, originally from their self titled 1983 LP on Portrait.
Cannot wait for the LP

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Graeme Fisher : The Extended Mix 012

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Waze & Odyssey Mix For Mixmag

All Out War Radio #14 - May 2012 feat ITCHY PIG Recs

Some nice laid back tunes on this the latest All Out War Radio Mix #12

In the Disco Bunker this month were Leeroy 'Sir Vinyl Instinct' Powell and Dan J from Sheff's own Itchy Pig Recs, showing us what's what House-wise. One of the highlights of the show, in fact, is Leeroys vinyl debut on Itchy Pig. It's the final track on the show and out soon with a Moodymanc remix on the flip - keep em peeled!

1. Frank booker - fallout - sleazy beats
2. chapsy - city of erotics -
3. pacific rim vol 1 - feeling insecure
4. Washerman
5. mario basanov - maroso spiritual dub
6. flash atkins - freak club
7. krl - static - wolf
8. andres bergmann
9. mirk loko - time line - visionquest
10. Black Alley (Itchy Pig)
11. vfb v's fcl - love prescription dub 0- delusions of grandeur
12. roberto rodriguez - i got - fina
13. On Productions Southern Freeze
14. Jimmy Edgar - You Need Love
15. death on the balcony - get out of your world
16. vincenzo -
17. montana - make me hot
18. rhythm plate - node out
19. medler - floor - wolf music
20. hard ton - not again
21. sir vinyl instinct - growing history - itchy pig records.

Fear Of Theydon : DJ Mix May 2012

01. Jurgen Muller - Beyond The Tide
02. Seahawks - Tropical Dreams
03. HEION - Circus
05. LULUXPO - Rock Me Love
06. Brioski - Last Day Here [Lusty Zanzibar Remix] [EDIT]
07. Arsenal - One Day At A Time
08. Tomas Barfod - Broken Glass [Jacob Korn remix]
09. Bepu N Gali - I Travel To You
10. Mano Le Tough - Take It Back
11. Chris Coco - Holiday [Deekie Stay Home version]
12. Lemonade - Neptune [Jacques Renault remix]
13. Boska - Moonsliders
14. Mike Mago - The Power
15. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Tapes & Money [Dub Mix]
16. xxxy - Ordinary Things

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Legowelt : Memphis Rap Mix

Legowelt : Memphis Rap Mix :

Via Legowelt's Website :
"Summer is coming so I made a little mix with my favorite 90s Memphis rap trax - one of the greatest music genres in history especially during its golden days circa 1993-1994 - Think over the top OMINOUS John Carpenter basslines, more tape smudge and obscurity then all minimal wave records in history, enchanting inspiring melodies and pure unadulterated poetry. More then 50 minutes of the most obscure best Memphis Rap songs all mixed to perfection to play LOUD in your car cruising in your neighborhood while u laugh and smirk at all the pedestrian jock bro mediocrity moving past you"

Available to stream via or download (here)

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Artwork Of Junior Tomlin

Junior Tomlin was a name that first became known to us from the covers of numerous Kickin Records sleeves back in the early 90's. He began his career in design working on illustrations for computer game companies and this led to record sleeves and later rave flyers.
Alongside Jaz (who produced the artwork for the early Genaside II covers) Junior Tomlin is one of the most prolific and in our humble opinion talented artists to grace early hardcore and rave record sleeves.

Five For Friday

1. Planet Soap : Velvet He1 12" Cascade France
8 track EP of off kilter electro on French label Cascade

Buy at Juno

2. In Aeternam Vale : DUB (Dust Under Brightness) LP : Minimal Wave
On the US Minimal Wave label, one of two releases this week from In Aeternam Vale. 80's dark synth wave limited to 999 copies

Buy at Juno

3. Forbidden Society : To The Threshold : 3LP + CD 
Horrible (in a nice way) hard Drum & Bass / Step with tinges of dark Dubstep from Forbidden Society

Buy at Juno

4. Kelan Philip Cohran & The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble LP : Honest Jon's
If we were naming the longest artist titled release this week then this would probably win hands down. Another excellent release from Honest Jon's

Buy at Honest Jon's
5. Colourbox : Colourbox 4CD set : 4AD
Whopping 58 track 4xCD retrospective compilation of all Colourbox's released studio recordings and mixes.

Buy at Amazon

Memorabilia Collecting Sounds With Ed Veenstra

Last week we mentioned Radio Web Macba who had a brilliant feature and podcast with Jonny Trunk (here). Well on the RWM site is part 2 of collecting sounds with Ed Veenstra.

In reference to the work of the collector, Walter Benjamin wrote that the objects in a collection do not 'come alive in him; it is he who lives in them.'
This quote is totally applicable to Dutch collector Ed Veenstra. Suffering from asthma as a child, Veenstra spent the first years of his life virtually confined to his house. His parents, who had discovered the soothing properties of music, constantly played all types of records for him. According to him, this sealed his fate as a compulsive hunter of sound rarities. These days, Veenstra not only lives literally surrounded by his objects of desire, he also tells how he sacrificed his lifestyle and diet for years in order to acquire the more than 3,500 pieces that make up his collection. Veenstra is one of the foremost collectors of Broken Music

An astonishing hand picked selection featuring artists such as Gangpol + Mit, Laurie Anderson and Jad Fair.

You can read the PDF and listen to Collecting With Ed Veenstra on the RWM site here

Gatto Fritto Dazed Digital Mix

Dazed & Confused Magazines Digital output come good once again with a mix from Gatto Fritto

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Hackney Colliery Band : Prodigy Medley

Release of the day : Hackney Colliery Band : Prodigy Medley
Anything that sounds different, anything that is left of field, thats what we especially love and this 7" on Wah Wah 45's hits the spot. Funked up brass band Prodigy medley, this if dropped at the right time could be a killer in DJ sets this summer!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

IFM New Mixes

Drexciya : Journey Of The Deep Sea Dweller II

Release of the day : Drexciya : Journey Of The Deep Sea Dweller II 
Released today is the second CD compilation of essential electro from the infamous Drexciya on Holland's Clone Classic Cuts. A no brainer purchase for any electro lover and a great companion to the first CD compilation

Psychemagik : Mix For Mixmag

The suns out so its time for some cosmicdiscobalearic action courtesy of Psychemagik for Mixmag. A good mix that really shows off Psychemagik's production and remix skills. Particular favorites are the opener Carnaval De Trancoso and stunning Persian Rub

01. Carnaval De Trancoso - Psychemagik
02. Valley Of Paradise (Greg Wilson Remix) - Psychemagik
03. Shangri-LA (Psychemagik Remix) - Yacht
04. Aldeia De Ogum (Psychemagik Edit) - Joyce
05. Persian Rub - Psychemagik
06. Reckless With Your Love (Psychemagik Remix) - Azari & lll
07. Everything Goes My Way (Psychemagik Remix) - Metronomy
08. Catch (Psychemagik Remix) - The Egg
09. Boogie Drome - Psychemagik
10. Pill Party In India (Psychemagik Remix) - Time And Space Machine

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Colin Dale : Abstract Dance Show on Kiss FM 1991

Another cassette rip this time from 1991 and in the helm Colin Dale with his Abstract Dance show on Kiss FM. Anyone unfamiliar with Colin Dale, alongside Colin Favor, he spearheaded and championed early UK, European and US house and techno on his weekly Kiss FM radio show.

This will be up on Soundcloud for one week (starting 23rd May) and then taken down and then replaced by another gem from the archive..

Sleepy Town Manufacture - Memorabilia LP

Just seen this on a Discogs forum :
Sleepy Town Manufacture : Memorabilia LP 
A compilation of Russian Electronica of previously hard to find Sleepy Town Manufacture releases.
Hand numbered limited edition of 150 copies. Transparent clear 12 inch vinyl with white and grey splashes. Special folder from thin plastic pasted over with a tissue paper

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Dave Skywalker : 10 mixes 2 Days

Dave Skywalker has uploaded another 10 mixes in the past two days. He will be putting up 52 mixes this year (one for every week), currently on week 21, so if you have not downloaded previous 21 get on it.

The latest mixes can be found on Dave's web site here, they include his set at Glastonbury 2011, Slammin Vinyl from 2008 and Bang Face 40 and 36.

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FFF : Shattering The Silence With A Broken Drum Promo Mix

Promo mix for a night F+F=F is playing at in the The Netherlands. Not the longest mix, clocking in at 33 minutes of dark breaks but well worth a listen

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The Art Of Audio Phreaks

Apart from the audio therein, the second most pleasing things about collecting vinyl is the artwork.
UK Label Audio Phreaks is one label that constantly brings flush Dubstep with a keen eye for detail on the 12" artwork. By drafting in the UK artist Mooselumps they produce some stunning eye catching artwork on each of its releases.

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Heinrich Dressel : Sighing Melodies Thru The Graves

Mannequin is more than proud to announce the forthcoming release of Heinrich Dressel aka Valerio Lombardozzi, the italian producer and mind of one of the best techno-electro labels around, MinimalRome.
After some marvellous releases on Legowelt's Strange Life and Minimal Rome, Heinrich Dressel is finally celebrating the use of vintage synthesizers and driven electronic machines, holding elements of electro and ambient at the same time, but breaking from the genres too, deeply inspired by Heinrich Dressel, the pioneering German archeologist sent to study in the holy city in Monte Testaccio, who drew what is now a major tool for study of Roman amphorae, the "Table of Dressel. Heinrich Dressel is placed in a sort of limbo where John Carpenter meets Drexciya, a sonorous journey through the darker side of the electro, taking the commands of the Elka Synthex, one of the most impressive polysynths in the history of music, planned and manifactured by Mario Maggi in the early 80s, as the commercial brother of the MCS70, synth that gave birth to a masterpice album like "Automat".
“Sighing Melodies Thru The Graves” musically speaking can be described as a captivating hybrid of styles, mixing the chilling-menacing mood of the 70s / 80s lo-fi funkadelic horror soundtracks to outerspace synthesised soundscapes in a pure classy vein.
This is cryptical-kosmische psychedelica with a nice electro retro touch and avant-minimalist vibes. An important contribution and a propulsive cinematic affair.
12’’ EP Version: Limited edition of 300 copies, white vinyl

A1 Sighing melodies thru the graves
A2 The black radiant sky
A3 Nestled against the Aurelian walls
B1 The fifty days of mighty lunacy
B2 Afterlife was writ in water

The LP is available for pre order now for release on 28th May. Buy from Mannequin (here)

Nicolas Jaar Essential Mix

01. Nicolas Jaar & Maceo Plex - Gravy Train (Nicolas Jaar Remix) [Get Physical Music]
02. Nicolas Jaar - Space Is Only Noise [Clown & Sunset]
03. Laxx & Farkas - Creature
04. Nicolas Jaar - Don't Break My Love [Clown & Sunset]
05. Angelo Badalamenti - Conversation On Twin Peaks [Warner Bros]
06. The Brothers Four - Greenfields [Columbia]
07. Jay-Z - My First Song (Acapella) [Roc-A- Fella]
08. Jonny Greenwood - There Will Be Blood [NONESUCH]
09. Los Ángeles Negros - Tu Y Tu Mirar... Yo Y Mi Cancion [Harmless]
10. LaShun Pace - It's Me Oh Lord (Acapella Praise) [Shanachie]
11. Jonny Greenwood - Open Spaces [NONESUCH]
12. Pearson Sound - Footloose [Pearson Sound]
13. The Electric Prunes - Holy Are You (There Is No God Edit) [Reprise]
14. Aphex Twin - Ziggomatic 17 [WARP]
15. Keith Jarrett - Tokyo, November 14 (Encore) [ECM Records]
16. My Girl And Me - Always Back To You (feat. Lorraine) [Unknown]
17. Vera November - Last Night Together (You're Coming Back Edit) [Rough Trade]
18. Nikita Quasim - L'amour L'après Midi [Clown and Sunset]
19. Nikita Quasim - The Way I Felt Today [Clown and Sunset]
20. Feist - Caught A Long Wind [Polydor]
21. Shigeru Umebayashi - Yumeji's Theme (In The Mood For Love) [In The Mood For Love OST, Higher Octave OmTown]
22. *NSYNC - It Makes Me Ill (Edit) [JIVE]
23. Unknown - Unknown
24. Charles Mingus - Myself When I'm Real [IMPULSE]
25. Bill Callahan - America! [DRAG CITY]
26. The Field - The Little Heart Beats So Fast [Kompakt]
27. Sneaky Sound System - Always By Your Side (Nicolas Jaar Remix) [Modular]
28. Just Friends - Avalanche [Unknown]
29. Pavla + Noura - Don't Owe Me A Thing [The Prism, Clown and Sunset]
30. Acid Pauli - La Voz Tan Tierna [Clown and Sunset]
31. Igor Wakhevitch - Taddy's Dream: Ramallah's Road [Pathé Marconi EMI]
32. Nikita Quasim - Derridu [Unknown]
33. Beyoncé Knowles - 1+1 [Columbia]
34. Anouar Brahem - Vague / E La Nave Va [ECM]
35. Rio Grande - Let's Groove (Tonight Edit) [Unknown]
36. Gonzales - Manifesto [Sunnyside]
37. The Grass Roots - Let's Live For Today (Learn To Live Edit) [Dunhill]
38. Marvin Gaye - Inner City Blues (Sk Edit) [TAMLA]
39. Man Friday - Real Love (The Paradise Garage Mix) (feat. Larry Levan) [Nite Grooves]
40. DJ Slugo - What That Do [Subterranean Playhouse]
41. Ricardo Villalobos - What You Say Is More Than I Can Say [Playhouse]
42. Untitled - Untitled [Unknown]
43. Nicolas Jaar - The Student [Wolf & Lamb]

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Jonny Trunk RWM

Trunk label owner and connoisseur of obscure film, TV and Library recordings Jonny Trunk talks record collecting to Radio Web Macba
You can download the PDF on RWM here and also listen to his 30 minute musical selections on the site

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Baby Ford : Flowers

From the Ford Trax 2x12" from 1988 on Rhythm King. The quintessential sound of UK underground Acid House

Essential Listening #12 of 101

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tom Middleton : Bassmusic Roots + Inspirations

To mark the release of Tom Middleton's debut sample loop pack for Loopmaster Artist Series AS101 which was released yesterday (18th May) @

Bass House, Liquatech, Post-Dubstep, Future Jungle..Complextro..seems there's a new dance music genre every season.

So where does modern Bass Music come from?

You could rewind back to late 60's-70's Jamaica, Sound System and Dancehall culture,18" Sub Woofers, King Tubby's pioneering Dub experiments etc, but I'm picking up the story just after the mid 80s' in both Miami and Chicago.

This is the story of Bass, Bleeps and Breaks between 1986 and 1992.
The evolution of a post Disco-Electro-HipHop-Industrial home produced sound that fused analogue drum machines, synthesisers, sampling, sped up funk breakbeats, MC's toasting on the mic and snippets of Reggae and Dancehall anthems.
And in particular Tom wanted to find the first record that used a Roland TR808 Kick drum melodically to play full Bass parts
The rest of the music selection should speak for itself.
Space and Bass dot joinery!

It's mostly chronological with two exceptions.
Future Sound Of London sampled the Sub Bass part in Meat Beat Manifesto's 'Radio Babylon' in their own anthem 'Papua New Guinea' - just made sense to have them in that order.
Similarly, LTJ Bukem's 'Demon's Theme' uses the snare from A Guy Called Geralds '28 Gun Badboy' (amongst other absolute classic samples…)

These are all stone cold Bass Anthems by true Electronic Music Pioneers.
I salute and thank all of the Artists for such inspirational music.

1) Dynamix II - Just Give The DJ A Break (Bass Station Records 1987)
2) Mr Fingers - Can You Feel It (Trax Records1986)
3) Rhythim is Rhythim - The Dance (Transmat 1987)
4) Rhythim is Rhythim - It Is What It Is (Transmat 1988)
5) Reese - Just Another Chance (Incognito 1988)
6) Inner City - Good Life (KMS/Ten1988)
7) Black Riot - A Day In The Life (Fourth Floor Records 1988)
8) 808 State - Pacific State (ZTT 1989)
9) Unique Three - The Theme (Ten Records 1989)
10) Nightmares On Wax - Dextrous (Warp Records 1989)
11 LFO - LFO (Warp Records 1990)
12) Joey Beltram - Energy Flash (R&S 1990)
13) Orbital - Chime (FFRR 1990)
14) Ability II - Pressure Dub (Bassic 1990)
15) Meat Beat Manifesto - Radio Babylon (Mute 1990)
16) Future Sound Of London - Papua New Guinea (Jumpin' and Pumpin' 1991)
17) 4 Hero - Mr Kirks Nightmare (Reinforced 1990)
18) 4 Hero - The Scorcher (Reinforced 1990)
19) Lennie De Ice - We Are i.e. (ie records 1991)
20) Aphex Twin - Analogue Bubblebath (Mighty Force 1991)
21) Bug Kann & The Plastic Jamm - Made In Two Minutes (DTYD Records 1991)
22) Ragga Twins - 18" Speaker (Shut Up And Dance 1991)
23) Smith & Mighty - Killa (3 Stripe 1992)
24) Dee Patten - Who's The Badman (1992)
25) Innerzone Orchestra - Bug In The Bass Bin (1992)
26) A Guy Called Gerald - 28 Gun Badboy (Juicebox 1991)
27) LTJ Bukem - Demons Theme (Good Looking 1991)

Trevor Fung Live @ Society

Great mix this Trevor Fung at Dalston Superstore on April 26th

Friday, May 18, 2012

Michael Forshaw : Paaws (Wip)

One of our fave exponents of experimental dirty electro and techno has to be Michael Forshaw, right from his early "Boyzone Make Me Wanna Smoke Crack" EP on his own Chan 'n' Mikes label up to his 2010 release on Coin Operated.

He has just put up something new, its a work in progress, but sounds interesting with that gritty familiar analogue sound but also a slight leftfield Dubstep feel
Blink and you missed it!!

Resources :

King Chubby : Peace Soup Vol 17

Big mix from Chubb Nice, download here
  1. James K Smith - Riding West
  2. Lady Saw - Sycamore Tree
  3. Ally Cat - Fresh Off The Block
  4. Wayne Wonder - Bashment Girl
  5. Wayne Wonder - Joyride
  6. Tanya Stevens - Yuh Nuh Ready Fi Dis Yet
  7. YT & Mr Williamz - Smiley Culture Tribute
  8. Freddy McGregor - Bobby Babylon
  9. Smiley Culture - Shan A Shan
  10. Kojack & Liza - Fist To Fist Rub A Dub
  11. Trinity - Strickly Cash
  12. Shine Head - Rough & Rugged
  13. Shine Head - Billie Jean
  14. DJ C & Quality Diamond - Let it Billie (Dancehall Mix)
  15. Mr Vegas - Heads High
  16. Mr Vegas - Heads High (Remix)
  17. Degree - Traffic Blocking
  18. Solo Banton - No
  19. Alborosie Feat Wendy Rene - Tears (After Laughter Comes Tears)
  20. Gregory Isaacs - Hard Drugs
  21. Singer Blue - If I know Jah
  22. Zitty Gritty - Hog In a minty
  23. The Observers - Dubbing With The Observers
  24. Joe Gibbs & The Professionals - I’m Still In Love (Version)
  25. Althea & Donna - Up Town Top Ranking
  26. Marica Aitken - I’m Still in Love
  27. Trinity - 3 Piece Suit
  28. Sister Nancy - Bung Belly
  29. Jonny Osbourne - Truth An Rights
  30. Jonny Osbourne & Burro Banton - The Truth
  31. Richie Spice - Youths A So Cold
  32. Lone Ranger - Automatic
  33. Chuck Fenda - All About Da Weed
  34. Slim Smith - My Conversation
  35. Barringtion Levy - Collie Weed
  36. Barnabas Collins - Lone Ranger
  37. Jacob Milller - Baby I love you so
  38. King Tubby & Augustus Pablo - Baby I love You So Dub
  39. Linval Thompson - I love To Smoke Marijuana 
  40. Jonny Clarke - Legalise It
  41. The Mighty Diamonds - Pass The Koutchie
  42. Augustus Pablo - The Big Rip Off
  43. Ini Kamoze - World Of Music
  44. Coco Tea - Rocking Dolly
  45. Nickodemus - Can’t Take My Mother In Law
  46. Barrington Levy - Under Mi Senci
  47. Junior Mervin - Cool Out Son
  48. Sound Dimension - Real Rock
  49. Don Carlos - Laser Beam
  50. Hand Cart Boy - Perfect
  51. Hopeton Lewis - Express Yourself
  52. Richard Ace - Staying Alive
  53. Dennis Brown - Revolution (Love each other)
  54. Slim Smith - Hip Hug
  55. Dub Specialist - Creator (Version)
Resources :

Dark Tantrums : Get Darker Dubstep Mix

Dark Tantrums brings a full on energetic set loaded with heavy weightlines!

Disco Bloodbath Launch New Label

Courtesy Of Juno Plus

The collective behind Disco Bloodbath, the long running nomadic club night that has taken place in many a sweat-filled basement across East London, have decided to expand operations with the launch of Disco Bloodbath Recordings.

The Disco Bloodbath story began back in 2007 as an infrequent party inspired by the hedonistic atmosphere of late eighties clubbing in Manhattan. The inaugural party took place at Passion, a Dalston basement club set underneath a Caribbean restaurant and soon grew by word of mouth to become one of London’s most popular unannounced parties.
This is thanks in part to the standard of guests that have manned the decks (Tim Sweeney, Justin Vandervolgen and Permanent Vacation to name but three) and also down to the accomplished DJing skills of it’s residents Damon Martin, Ben Pistor and Dan Beaumont.

While Beaumont is no longer part of Disco Bloodbath, Martin and Pistor maintain operations, and along with a busy DJing schedule the duo have been dipping their toes into production with a number of remixes in recent times which have laid down the foundations for a label, which pleasingly eschews the chance to stuff the world with yet more “disco edits” in favour of some original material.
Damon Martin is at the helm for the debut release with That Ain’t Right, a pumping slab of house music clearly indebted to the 90s US style which comes backed with remixes from Waze & Odyssey and the excellent Legendary Children.

Disco Bloodbath Recordings will release That Ain’t Right by Damon Martin on 12″ vinyl on June 18 with the digital release to follow in July.

Broken20 : Red Night Part 1

Second release on Glasgow's Broken60, the cassette release subsidiary label of Broken20, is just around the corner and is produced by TVO (The Village Orchestra)

This release ditches the widescreen lush ambience and techno of previous releases and delves head first into lo-fi, noisey spacial sounds with its inspirations from artists Zoviet France, Porter Ricks, Pan Sonic and above all William S Burroughs.

Each copy of Red Night comes with a code to download the digital version of the tracks. All downloads will contain the album twice, once as individual tracks and also as it was intended to be, two long tracks of side A and side B.
A remix release of Red Night is also due featuring reworks by Law and a mysterious well established name in techno circles working under a pseudonym.

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

8 Questions with Dave Skywalker

The first in an ongoing series where we will be asking DJ's past, present and up and coming eight simple questions.

First up is Endor Recordings label boss and eclectic hardcore DJ Dave Skywalker

1. Good music is relatively easy to find, but what was the last unique and truly original track you heard that really stopped you in your tracks?

The last one I heard was just a couple weeks ago, but I'll say now that tracks like that generally don't stop my in my tracks, they make me want to brock out even more, haha! Anyway, the track is "Flight Over Bat Country" by an artist from Hamilton called Jackal Queenston. In reality it's one of many pseudonyms of his and I'm not sure of his exact name, but I'd been linked to another track of his under a different name, and through various searching around came across this. The track has orchestral elements, samples from a Sega Megadrive, some dirty, DIRTY synths that are quite dubsteppy, and - what always works for me - a big 4/4 kick and some rowdy amens! I must have listened to it a hundred times in the last two or three weeks, I'm not joking. I can't think of any other track that combines such diverse elements and still works and makes you want to dance your socks off, haha!

As a close contender, there's a track released recently called "Summertime" by Smote. It's fairly minimal, just a piano and a breakbeat, but it's beautiful. I love piano music of any kind, whether it's happy hardcore or classical, and this is amazing. One definately to stop whatever you're doing, sit back, close your eyes and just listen.

2. Can you name one record (or band / artist) that you can listen to again and again at home and one that was/ is always in your box when you DJ?

The track that will probably end up in my record box whenever I'm playing is the classic "Incredible" by M-Beat featuring General Levy. Pretty much everyone knows this, and it's an anthem, but still is an amazing track. It took a few years to discover the harder amen-rinsing remix that was only on the CD release, and it's fierce!

3. What would you say was the rarest record you have owned or currently own?

A few years back my wife bought me a copy of a very early Alec Empire 12" that was released in 1993 on Force Inc. recordings. She had to outbid another friend of mine for it, and she won't tell me how much she paid! Aside from that, probably the rarest track in my collection (unfortunately not on vinyl though) is a remix of Another Direction by Wax Doctor that Grooverider (I think) created back in 1993. It's an amazing jungle techno track - and it was never released. The only people I know to still have a copy on dubplate is Ratty & Tango.

4. Crate digging, everyone who has a love of vinyl records has one of those moments when they find a gem whilst out digging, what's been your best find and where did you find it?

You're asking me to go back a good few years now, as - like most people - I haven't really gone crate digging for a long time. However there used to be a few places I'd always return to. Most people would say MVE in London, but it was so popular the likelyhood of finding of finding a gem was next to nill unless you could visit every day. Saying that, a friend did pick up a copy of the aforementioned Alec Empire release from right under my nose for 50p at MVE Camden before I could get it. Anyway, my haunts were Avid Records in Oxford and Bournemouth, and the one in Oxford in particular was always good for nuggets of vinyl gold. Anyway, somebody had found a batch of Essence of Aura presses (another rare-ish jungle techno tracks) in their loft and handed them in, so I was able to pick up some amazing dark jungle techno tracks for next to nothing. You could always get loads of amazing stuff in there, obscure Belgian and Italian early 90's techno for dirt cheap.

5. What record do you cherish over everything else and why?

If I had to pick one, it's Vibena's "Positive Energy Volume 1" on Universal Records. It's my favourite track ever, of any genre, full-stop. Everything about it is amazing - the pianos, the breakbeats, the stabs, and I can't fault anything about it. The guy who created it (Tim Cant, who now works for Future Music) was a God in my eyes at the time it came out in 1995, and I'd first heard it played by John Peel. I had grabbed the nearest tape to me without caring what was on it, stuck some sellotape over the hole so I could record onto it, and caught about 3 minutes worth, which I played over and over to the guy in my local record shop until he found it for me, and bought two copies. I could go on and on about it until the cows come home!

6. Do you still buy vinyl, if so what was the last record(s) you brought?

I haven't really bought vinyl for a good 4-5 years now, and the rare times I've bought it since then is only because I've contacted the artist and asked for a digital copy, which is not on sale but I've suggested to them I could purchase the vinyl if they would send me a copy digitally. Follow me? I haven't had decks set up in my house for around 4-5 years, and since I bought digital turntables at the start of 2010 I haven't set up my CDJs either. Technology will always move on, the track is the important bit.

7. Approx how many vinyl records do you have in your record collection, either currently or back when vinyl was the DJs tool of  choice?

At most, I reckon I've had about 2000 records in my collection spanning old acid house to gabber and breakcore to commercial dance. I love dance music of all sorts, so my collection reflected this. At the moment I'm in the process of selling my collection (some would say this is criminal but I now have a family and we're hoping to move, I don't have decks anymore and have re-purchased most of my collection digitally where I can), so feel free to get in touch if there's anything you're after! (Plug!!)

8. Who are / we're your fave DJs both for technicality and for selection?

Most would say this, but Andy C is a don both technically and selection-wise. DJ Hype is up there too technically, and for selection Ratty & Tango is always up there. Much of the technical skills in DJing (and I'm referring to vinyl here) have been lost in the dance music scene since people went digitally, largely to be replaced by live mashups, remixing on the fly etc. In a way this is good because DJs have to be consistently on their toes, learning new technologies, but on the other hand the idea of mastering a technique and retaining it is largest lost, because something new is always coming out.

Massive thank you to Dave for taking the time to answer our questions

Resources :
Record Label :  Endor Recordings
Personal page with numerous Dave Skywalker Mixes :

Dave Skywalker also has a guest mix on the forthcoming Paranoid Recordings Vol 6 CD due soon.
You can buy the CD from the link on the Soundcloud preview below :

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Andrew Weatherall : Sabresonic Radio Show on Kiss FM 1993

Another cassette rip, this time from 1993 from the short run of Sabresonic Radio shows that Andrew Weatherall hosted for Kiss FM. Classic Weatherall banter and some choice tracks.

This download will be available for only one week then its gone, so if you need it grab it while you can

Peaking Lights : Lucifer Mixtape Volume 4

4th Lucifer Mixtape from Peaking Lights is up :

Mark Seven : Groove Dub Edit LTD Download

The notion of a limited download kinda blows my mind, but thats what Mark Seven has done with this exclusive edit for his Parkway Rhythm label. Limited to 100 downloads and then thats it (at the time of writing it was up to 60 downloads, so 40 slots left)

EDIT : Taken the Soundcloud preview down as It appears the download limit was reached and the Mark Seven Groove Dub track has now gone...

Modeselektor / Thom Yorke : This 7"

Double joint release of the day today, first goes to Modeselektor with Thom Yorke "This" on clear yellow vinyl 7" on their German Monkeytown label. Limited to 1000 copies these should fly off the shelves!
Available from Monkeytown Records or Juno

Second release of the day is this reissue LP from Schaltkreis Wassermann with Psychotron on the German label Private Records. Originally released back in 1982, this is an astounding LP, check the sound clips below!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

GTO Kiss 100 FM

WARNING: Unless you like nosebleed high BPM Dutch / German / Homegrown early 90's hardcore and techno then you may do well to skip this post, if you do then carry on and enjoy...

Blast from the past this, one for the Gabber / Hardcore / Bonkers Hard Techno lovers. Back in 1993 while Colin Favor was away on holiday GTO (Lee Newman & Michael Wells) stood in for him on his Kiss FM radio show, the result is 90 minutes of madness!!
This is from a personal cassette rip so the quality varies, you can download the show from the link below, all it costs is one measly twitter tweet...

UHU : Electronic Explorations 200

The 200th Electronic Explorations show is live, info below, head on over to EE to download or stream the mix

Universal Human Underground Electronic Explorations 200 :

[01] – -=UHU=- - Dive In Deeper Space - [Toyfriend Music]
[02] – Lakker - Spider Silk - [Killekill]
[03] – Guy Andrews - Hands in Mine - [Forthcoming 'Hotflush']
[04] – Guy Andrews - The Wait - [Forthcoming 'Hotflush']
[05] – Boddika & Joy Orbison - Dun Dun - [Sunklowun]
[06] – Girl Unit - Plaza - [Night Slugs]
[07] – Cestrian - Krapton Fictor - [UTTU]
[08] – Taho - Detroit - [Delsin]
[09] – Lodbrok - Oil (AnD Remix) - [Forthcoming ‘Counterpulse 002’]
[10] – Ital Tek - Gold Tiger - [Forthcoming 'Electronic Explorations']
[11] – Perc - Cash 4 Gold - [Forthcoming 'Perc Trax']
[12] – Demdike Stare - Unction (Alternate Version) - [Modern Love]
[13] – Clatterbox – Semi-Automatic – [Trust]

-=UHU=- LIVE @ "Teleportrayed Souls" tour:

01 - Intro (unreleased)
02 - Aquatezaya (instrumental) (Return of Atlantian, Sauroid)
03 - The Ninja (unreleased)
04 - Water tunnels of Oceania (Time liquidias, Transient Force)
05 - Faster Speedias (Elektridas, UHU records)/Aquabeats (unreleased)
06 - Enter water subway (Elements of electro-funk, UHU records)
07 - Funkatizer (Elements of electro-funk, UHU records)
08 - India Mind (unreleased)
09 - Distant signals (Chaneled transmissions, UHU records)

Rob Booth (cont’d)
[14] – Actress - Raven - [Honest Jon's]
[15] – Bass Clef - Walworth Road Acid Trapdoor - [Punch Drunk]

Melvin Pickles : Hexstatic Special Mix May 2012

Melvin Pickles treats us to a sample heavy head nodding concoction of Ninja Tune's finest Hexstatic, blending album tunes, remixes, (audio) material from their stunning live AV shows and some from Robin Hexstatic's last outing "Trailer Trax". Originally broadcast on

There is also a download for this mix available at

Liaisons Dangereuses - Welcome To The Pleasuredome - 15.06.1989

Liaisons Dangereuses - Welcome To The Pleasuredome - 15.06.1989

01 Pete Shelley - Witness the change
02 Beat-A-Max - Caravan
03 Simple Minds - League of nations
04 Robert Palmer - The silver gun
05 Honest Doc. & Mr Driver - The spell
06 SA42 - Pleasure & crime
07 Portion Control - The great divide
08 Executive Slacks - So note it be
09 T.D.A. - The 4 faces of freedom
10 Siouxsie & The Banshees - Israel
11 Sapho - Carmel
12 TC Matic - Oh la la
13 Informatics - Accidents in paradise (proximity switch)
14 The Normal - Warm leatherette
15 The Children - Freedom
16 Time Zone - The wildstyle
17 Logic System - Unit
18 Jasper Van't Hof - Pili Pili
19 Paul Haig - World raw
20 Grace Jones - The frog & the princess
21 Burundi Black - Burundi black
22 Lizzy Mercier Descloux - Mission impossible
23 Dark Day - Nudes in the forest
24 Vicious Pink - 8:15 to nowhere
25 John Foxx - Underpass
26 The Hard Hats - Tear down the house
27 T.A.G.C. - Big sex
28 The Bridge - Love dance
29 The Klinik - World domination
30 White House White - How to conduct
31 Grauzone - Film 2
32 Dave Ball - Strict tempo
33 The Sisterhood - Finland red, Egypt white
34 Wasch! - Heartbeat
35 Renegade Soundwave - Cocaine sex
36 Depeche Mode - Never let me down again
37 Der Plan - Und dann
38 The Smiths - How soon is now
39 Max Berlin - Elle & moi
40 Peter Godwin - French emotion
41 Alan Rankin - Rumours of war
42 Arbeid Adelt - Death disco
43 The Backroom - The definition of a track
44 Eberhard Schoener - Why don't you answer?
45 Newcleus - Automan
46 Carlos Peron - Nothing is true
47 Tatouage - Eat more, die better
48 The Warriors OST - Baseball furies chase

Death Waltz Recording Co

Founded by Spencer Hickman manager of Rough Trade East in London Death Waltz Recording Company will concentrate on delivering high end collectors vinyl that will include extensive liner notes from composers and directors as well as brand new and exclusive artwork from a variety of fine artists all releases will be on ltd coloured vinyl and contain bonus screen prints and posters.

The first two releases are Carpenters classic score from Escape From New York, which has been re-mastered for the vinyl release and including 6 tracks that never made it into the original film and Zombi 2 / Zombie Flesh Eaters, the first time this classic soundtrack to the notorious Lucio Fulci video nasty has ever been made available on vinyl

Definitely a label to keep on eye on!
Resources :

Centreforce : New Beat Pirate Radio

Personal cassette rip of an early 90's Centreforce Pirate radio show, not sure of the actual date on this or even the DJ. Plenty of New Beat and old Balearic classics (Neon, T99, Koto. Laidback, Tragic Error etc)

You can download the file via FileFactory by clicking (here) and scrolling to the bottom of the page...

Plenty more cassette rips coming soon including some Colin Dale Abstract Dance shows, Colin Favor and Jazzy M's Jackin Zone..
We would love to know what you think so any thoughts please drop us a message in the comments box below

Monday, May 14, 2012

Slow Magic : Triangle LP

Joint release of the day alongside the Nether Dawn LTD Cassette posted earlier today, is this release from Slow Magic on the Lebensstrasse label.

Resources :