Thursday, May 24, 2012

Memorabilia Collecting Sounds With Ed Veenstra

Last week we mentioned Radio Web Macba who had a brilliant feature and podcast with Jonny Trunk (here). Well on the RWM site is part 2 of collecting sounds with Ed Veenstra.

In reference to the work of the collector, Walter Benjamin wrote that the objects in a collection do not 'come alive in him; it is he who lives in them.'
This quote is totally applicable to Dutch collector Ed Veenstra. Suffering from asthma as a child, Veenstra spent the first years of his life virtually confined to his house. His parents, who had discovered the soothing properties of music, constantly played all types of records for him. According to him, this sealed his fate as a compulsive hunter of sound rarities. These days, Veenstra not only lives literally surrounded by his objects of desire, he also tells how he sacrificed his lifestyle and diet for years in order to acquire the more than 3,500 pieces that make up his collection. Veenstra is one of the foremost collectors of Broken Music

An astonishing hand picked selection featuring artists such as Gangpol + Mit, Laurie Anderson and Jad Fair.

You can read the PDF and listen to Collecting With Ed Veenstra on the RWM site here

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