Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Wibbley Brothers : Go Weird

From 1982 and taken from The Wibbley Brothers LP : Go Weird. There was talk of this being reissued in 2011. Anyone have any news??

RRRecords 500

Way back when I used to own the RRRecords Locked Groove LP, now thanks to UbuWeb the whole thing has been uploaded for your sampling / listening pleasure. The LP contains 500 locked grooves from a whole host of artists such as Zoviet*France, Derek Bailey, John Oswald, Masonna, Thurston Moore, 70 Gwen Party etc.
For full tracklisting and stream or download the LP head on over to Ubuweb

Ratsnake : Rat Fink Mix For IFM

This is something you dont hear much, posted on Intergalactic FM, a Rockabilly mix from Ratsnake. Get that here

Dr Delay : Galactic Gazebo Mix

Piecelock 70 have a new mix from Mr Delay available to download (click here). Anyone who is partial to a bit of Psych Rock / Oddities and is not familiar with Dr Delay would do well to check it and his other mixes, some of which are available at Six Ton Armor