Friday, April 27, 2012

Atari Teenage Riot : Collapse Of History

Due out on May 1st on Dim Mak, ATR's new EP Collapse Of History

Bob Chance : Its Broken LP On Trunk

Johnny Trunks ever excellent Trunk Records is set to release the highly sought after Bob Chance LP : It's Broken. 
Originally a private pressing from 1980, Trunk Records will put the release out on vinyl and CD, not sure on the CD but the vinyl will be limit to 1000 copies, seems a lot but they should fly off the shelves.

Heres the blurb from the Trunk Website:
Walking a strange line between the asylum and the dancefloor, welcome Bob Chance. Yes, this is an album like no other. But then again Bob Chance isn’t like anyone else. Put together in 1980, It’s Broken represents Bob’s creative juices flowing and then possibly overflowing all over the place. I first came across the album as one of the strange slabs of vinyl I write about for my column in Mojo. I described it as the musical equivalent of Curry House DIY, an unusual and unexpected flow of ideas that maybe shouldn’t work together but actually do in a most unorthodox and functional way. And if I have to describe the album musically to people I explain it has a touch of Giorgio Moroder, a bit of the Beach Boys and a sprinkle of Glen Campbell as a serial killer. Whilst writing about the album a couple of years ago I had it on repeat for at least a day, and found myself singing the songs, enjoying the harmonies, reveling in the musical ideas present. How can you not love a nine minute post-disco oddity called “It’s Broken”? Why would you not want to thrill at a five minute instrumental journey into Bob’s jungle? And how about a short trip inside a stalker’s van? Exactly, it’s all irresistible. And now, thanks to this reissue more of us can enjoy the genius that is Bob Chance and his music. 

Keep those ears peeled!!

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Twigs : Shades

Some great melodic minimal business for a Friday afternoon from the wonderfully named Twigs from Delft, The Netherlands.

Check it below and let us know what you think

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DJ Skeme : Nubreed Radio GFR April 19th 2012

For the electro lovers!

DJ Skeme : Nubreed Radio Live On Global Funk Radio 19th April 2012

Audio Riot - Children Of The Puppet Parade
The Consumer - Love Fades Away
Audio Riot - Discoslut
Luke Eargoggle - I Play Live & Chess
R21 - TX
Grow - Edgar Adam Grow's Violent Worm (Fleck ESC remix)
Dark Signal - Neural Circuits
Bytecon - Robots Ready For Mars
DBS - Robotmachine (Detroit in Effect)
Zerodouble - Bass Man
Shadowbunny - Luna D'ombre
Deemphasis - My Secret
Grow - Tissue Replacement (Morphogenetic remix)
Zerodouble - Nowhere To Hide (Morphogenetic remix)
MCU - Save The World (Morphogenetic remix)
Diplomat - Ultrasonic Warhead (Morphogenetic remix)
Submersible Machines - Braving The Benthic
Shann X - Bass Conspiracy
Frequency 528 - Sick Circuit Symphonies
Synapse - Mid Range
Rouge Frequency - That Boy Tim Remix
The Outsider - Biroid
Transparent Sound - Hell Bent (Mesak)
Bass From Saturn - Complex Simplicity
Defekt - Destroy Your Planet
U.O.N - Uitgekookt
R21 - Muzik Synthesizer
DVS NME - Magnetar (Fleck ESC remix)
Neonicle - I Dream (Biosensor Fail remix by Datacrashrobot)
Defekt - Stimulus

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Five For Friday

Our round up for five essential releases this week :

Hard Corps : Clean Tables Have To Be Burnt : Minimal Wave US LP
Rare unreleased versions of Hard Corps tracks from the 1980s remastered on the ever excellent Minimal Wave Label out of the US. Limited to 999 copies
Available here

Joaquin Joe Claussell : Unofficial Edits & Overdubs Disc 3 12"
The CD version was released a couple of weeks back but now the 4 sampler 12's are out and our fave is this, disc 3 of 4 which contains a 12 minute remix of Thom Yorke's Eraser
Available here

Geoff Barrow & Ben Salisbury : Drokk : Music Inspired By Mega City One LP
Only limited copies of this doing the rounds so don't hang about
Available Here on LP or Here on CD

Shackleton : Music For The Quiet Hour / The Drawbar Organ 3xLP / CD 
The 3xLP version is selling out everywhere and with good reason, great music + great attention to detail on packaging
Available Here

DJ Food : The Illectrik Hoax 12"
We know this was released last Saturday for RSD so strictly speaking it does not count for this week release but for anyone who could not make it to out for RSD it has been sporadically available through the Ninja Tune Shop this week. Currently out of stock now but due back on May 7th
Available here

Encym : Sekhnahkt

Just got sent this link for a production by an artist called Encym, its a work in progress piece and its been up for a couple of months but well worth checking out.
Entitled Sekhnahkt, this fits nicely alongside artists like Roly Porter and Emptyset, dark spacey sounds building up to a thunderous echoic kick at approx 40 seconds in. The sound of robots collapsing!

You can check more of Encym's works at his Soundcloud page and buy his four previous EP's on his Bandcamp page


StrongroomAlive : Solid Steel With Jimmy Edgar Guest Mix 26/04/12

Strictly Kev aka DJ Food presents the show solo this week with a Record Store Day round up where he talks about and plays his favourite releases from the day, plus a guest mix from Hotflush artist Jimmy Edgar and a mix from DK to finish with.