Friday, June 29, 2012

AGT Rave Cru - Dominator

Time to get your rave hats on, the ever excellent AGT Rave Cru has given the Human Resource classic a timely rework

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J.A.Z : New Mixes

Edit two mixes taken down, no idea why but hopefully you grabbed them before they disappeared. Not one, not two, not three but four new mixes for J.A.Z up now on Soundcloud, does this chap ever sleep!!

Fear Of Theydon : June DJ Mix 2012

Something for the weekend courtesy of Fear Of Theydon

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Michael Forshaw : Paris Hilton Twatbox Live

This is going to be our favourite Soundcloud upload this week, hands down!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Andrew Weatherall : Boiler Room DJ Set

The Weatherall DJ set originally broadcast live on 7th June from the Boiler Room finally made its way onto the internet yesterday. Stream the audio via Soundcloud or watch on Boilerroom TV

Friday, June 22, 2012

Peter J Woods : Fear

Peter J Woods : Fear c20/c9/c17 Box Set
3 x Hi-bias Type II cassettes housed in a vinyl box w/ Full color cover + 3 full color inserts

Over the past three years, noise artist Peter J Woods has been slowly changing his style from straight ahead harsh noise and power electronics performances to one that more closely resembles darkly absurdist theatre. “Fear” represents the culmination of this change, collecting the audio portion of five previously staged theatre works (and one brand new, purely auditory piece) on three different cassette tapes. As a musical work, “Fear” finds Woods in familiar, albeit a more distilled form. Harsh walls and howled vocals interrupt long silences and minimal, textural recordings that create a tone of unsettled calm and ensuing terror. More then just exploring the notion, these cassettes induce a primal and unending fear.

Christopher Tubbs : Caravan : Heat Of The Night Mix

Second Heads Down mix from Christopher Tubbs, nice laid back Balearic sounds for this (wet) summer!!

"New Heads Down mix for 2012, and the fifth in the much-loved series which begun last year. Mixed by Heads Down's Christopher Tubbs to celebrate a new summer's fortnightly residency at Caravan at Exmouth Market, the selection takes you on a Balearic journey through the likes of new and unreleased Quiet Village, Begin, Dave Aju and beyond"..

Five For Friday

Our weekly round up of five musical offerings to fill your collections with.

1. S.F.V Acid : Acid #2 CD / LP
Straight up no nonsense acid. Contender for the best cover artwork this week as well
Available either on CD and LP

2. Can : The Lost Tapes 3CD
3CD set housed in a gorgeous 10" boxset with 28 page booklet. Includes 30 unreleased tracks
Available from Amazon, Juno or Norman Records + numerous other nice retailers.

3. Gorgon Sound / Dubkasm : Find Jah Way 12"
We previously had this as our release of the day a month or so back when the first press dropped, that was quickly snapped up so Peng Sound records have repressed this killer 12"
Available at Juno

4. Richard Sen Presents : This Ain't Chicago 2CD
If you want an education in early underground UK house and acid house then look no further than this compilation on Strut. Classics,,real classics not just that word that's often used nowadays.
Available from Juno / Amazon

5. Galactic Zoo Dossier #9 : Magazine + CD.
After a 3 year hiatus, the US magazine Galactic Zoo Dossier is back with over 100 pages on overlooked freak rock bands, heady comics & populist pop-psych.
Available from Norman Records & Spin CDs

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cousin Cole & Phi Unit : So Emotional Volume 2

The second So Emotional mixtape from Cousin Cole and Phi Unit is complete. Individual tracks featuring remixes of M83, Gil Scott Heron, Warpaint and Switch amongst others are available from Soundcloud here with the 66 minute mix available to stream or download available also via Soundcloud below

Q Chip / Cestrian : Bunker 3097

Release of the day is a split LP from Q Chip & Cestrian (Ali Renault) on the illusive Bunker Records out of the Hague in Holland. No labels, no tracklisting, no inserts just quality electro

Radio Boredcast : 744 hour Online Radio Project

Radio Boredcast is a 744-hour online radio project, curated by Vicki Bennett (People Like Us) with AV Festival 12. In response to our ambiguous relationship with time - do we have too much or not enough? - Radio Boredcast celebrates the detail, complexity and depth of experience lost through our obsession with speed.

The full list of participants in Radio Boredcast with new and exclusive recordings and shows are :
Carl Stone, Pseu Braun & Alex Orlov, Touch, Rob Weisberg, Nicolas Collins, Andrew Lahman, Chris & Cosey, Jonathan Dean and Transmuteo, Cheese Snob Wendy, Kevin Nutt, Tony Coulter, Daniel Menche, Scott Williams, John Wynne, Chris Watson, Jem Finer and Longplayer, Tim Maloney, Ergo Phizmiz, Matmos, Dave Soldier, Charlie and Busy Doing Nothing, Andrew Sharpley, Nancy O Graham, Gwilly Edmondez, Anna Ramos & Roc Jiménez De Cisneros, Doug Horne, Irene Moon, David Suisman, Radio Web MACBA, Mark Gergis and Porest, Jez Riley French, Don Joyce, Carlo Patrao and Zepelim, Dorian Jones, Jason Willett, Zach Layton, Primate Arena with Alex Drool and Eran Sachs, David Toop, Dylan Nyoukis, Jared Blum and GiganteSound, Ed Pinsent, Adrian Philips aka Mr Rotorvator, Axel Stockburger, Craig Dworkin, Felix Kubin, People Like Us, Language Removal Services, Daniela Cascella, John Levack Drever, Joel Eaton, Clay Pigeon, Gudrun Gut, Charles Powne, Carl Abrahamsson, Andreas Bick and Silent Listening, Phantom Circuit, Patti Schmidt aka Wheelie Houdini, Leif Elggren, Ken Freedman, Erik Bünger, Douglas Benford, Christof Migone, BJNilsen, Andy Baio, Adam Thomas aka Preslav Literary School, Caroline Bergvall, Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza, Tapeworm, Brent Clough and The Night Air, Ilan Volkov, Nat Roe, Steven Ball, X41, The Long Now Foundation, Sharon Gal, Michael Ruby, Jonathan Leidecker, DJ/rupture, Gordon Monahan, Michael Cumella aka MAC, Lloyd Dunn and nula, DDDJJJ666, and Kenneth Goldsmith..

The archive is available at

Timothy J Fairplay : Juno Podcast

Juno Records 37th podcast courtesy of Timothy J Fairplay. Catch that and an interview with the man here or stream below. Highly recommended listening from this talented young producer

Deep Space Orchestra : ISODISCO Podcast 15th podcast comes from Deep Space Orchestra with an hour of deep catchy house

1. East Liberty Quarters - Streetlights (East Liberty Quarters)
2. Frank Booker - Hope (Fine Art)
3. Andy Ash - Somehow (Use of Weapons CDR)
4. Ruf Dug - At the tuck shop (Ruf Kutz)
5. Skymark - Insane Feeling (Neroli)
6. Frits Wentink - Ezzo two (Triphouse)
7. Discemi - FM2AM (My Favourite Robot)
8. Steve Summers - Lucid Fingers (Echovolt)
9. Gerry Read - We Are (Fourth Wave)
10. Shoebox - Other way around (Shoebox)
11. Vahagn - Relapse (Buzzin Fly)
12. Reggie Dokes - Sustain (Kuumba)
13. Vahagn - Trust (Groovement)
14. Alex Alterskye - What you got (Tom Demac remix) (Freche Fruchte)
15. Model 500 - Wanderer (Transmat)
16. Lauer - Banned (Live at Robert Johnson)
17. Begin - Elate (Begin)

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Biosphere : L'incoronazione di Poppea

Released 16th June, an eagerly awaited 12 track download album from Biosphere on his Biophon label on Bandcamp

The dialogue explaining the ideas behind the release taken from the Bandcamp page ;
"The music is based on Claude Monteverdi´s opera of the same name. 
L'incoronazione di Poppea (The Coronation of Poppea) is an Italian baroque opera first performed in Venice during the 1642–43 carnival season. The music, attributed to Claudio Monteverdi, is a setting of a libretto by Giovanni Francesco Busenello. One of the first operas to use historical events and people rather than classical mythology, it adapts incidents from the writings of Tacitus, Suetonius and others to recount how Poppea, mistress of the Roman emperor Nerone (Nero), is able to achieve her ambition and be crowned empress. The opera was revived in Naples in 1651, but was then neglected until the rediscovery of the score in 1888, after which it became the subject of scholarly attention in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Since the 1960s, the opera has been performed and recorded many times"

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DJ Harvey : X Mix 01

LN-CC have a new Japanese Mix CD from DJ Harvey available. 
For the first release on Japanese label X-LAND, DJ Harvey presents a mix in his distinctive style, focussing on a selection of new releases from the likes of Legowelt, the Idjut Boys and his own Locossolus project.

01. Panoram / Soursummer
02. Terror Train / [[[Time-Out]]]
03. Tomas Malo / We're Gonna Make It
04. Will Saul & Tam Cooper / Hi-Lo
05. Inxec + Leks / Sprinkles
06. Lord Of The Isles / To & Fro
07. Idjut Boys / Implant (Full Frontal)
08. Matthew Burton & Nick Lawson / Playdo (Nick's Dusty Shelf Dub)
09. Velvet Season & the Hearts of Gold / Camel Toe Central
10. Vahagn / Trust (The Backwoods Remix)
11. Legowelt / Backwoods Fantasies
12. Locussolus / I Want It (instrumental) unreleased

Not cheap as its on Japanese import but will probably be snapped up by Harvey disciples.
Available here

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Kenny Larkin Classics Mixes 1 + 2

Detroit Techno heavyweight Kenny Larkin this week uploaded 2 classic mixes, well worth a listen..

Between The Cracks : Concrete Sound System Compilation 2012

BETWEEN THE CRACKS, the innaugural compilation release for CS² Recordings, offers an eclectic mix exploring the possibilities the post-electronic age has to offer. A forty minute journey into the crevices, BETWEEN THE CRACKS plays like a sonic narrative to modern style and form in the ever present future.

Galaway's Jimmy the Hideous Penguin weaves turntablism into bass heavy IDM. Native Hawaiian CRUT chops up an ambient strut. New York's HPrizm (High Priest of Anti-Pop Consortium) delivers sci-fi infused global beats. Atlanta's Real Soon melds an electro-acoustic sound that blurs the line between them.

BETWEEN THE CRACKS serves as an audio mission statement for CS² Recordings moving forward - to continue the exploration and development of systems of sound that push the possibilities beyond perceived limits.

Track listing :
1. Recompression Chamber (Burn Unit) - Concrète Sound System
2. Dred - Jimmy the Hideous Penguin
3. Oddible - 22Tape
4. Process - Justin Deremo
5. Waho Holoholo - CRUT
6. Set the Melody - amukaT
7. Sunny Winter - Danny Drive Thru
8. Streetlight Flicker - Adam Bomb
9. Gammalon - HPrizm
10. Folk Song of an Alien World - Real Soon

You can stream the release below via Soundcloud and buy the CD or download at

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

HULK : Devour The Weak

Deadly mix from HULK uploaded to Soundcloud yesterday, check this

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Rave Flyers

Rave Archive have posted a collection of over 500 old rave flyers on their Facebook page. Some real gems on there. Check their Facebook archive here and their web site and app here

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Skytree : Treemix / See-Through Space

Due August 2012, Skytree have a remix product with Bird of Prey, Archan Nair, Wisp, Billy Blacklight, Sina, Shamanic Technology, Mimi Page, Mikey Likes It, sAuce, Beard o Bees and Christ already on remix duties. Sounds very interesting and we eagerly await this.
In the meantime you can download See Through Space and stream a Biolumigen Starseed remix of Earth Sing on the bands Bandcamp page right now

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Drop The Lime After Hours Mix

This one slipped through the net from Drop The Lime. One time Breakcore artist before moving into more electro house infused circles, DTL has created a perfect after hours mix of some of his favourite tracks.

The Project Club : Dance With The Devil

Essential Listening #13 of 101


Betty Botox : The Final EP

Release of the day
A welcome return and sad farewell from Betty Botox on this the aptly titled Final EP. Those familiar with Betty will know it's a well known Scottish DJ and producer behind the Botox alias, crossing psyche, funk and the finest disco edits on half a dozen or so releases since first popping up in 2005.

Some Acid....

Whilst listening to some old Bionic Orange records earlier today it got us in the mood for some with that in mind here's some recent quality acid tracks that are well worth checking out

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Milanese : Espantoso : Free Download

Electronic Explorations / Rob Booth has hosted an unreleased Milanese track available to download now, only 100 download spots available and then its gone...

Wheez-ie : Remember The Score EP

Release of the Day
Love this EP from Wheez-ie. For us it hits the spots on numerous levels, Remember The Score brings good old fashion old skool vibes to the table with a modern kick, next track Fuck Ya Shit has some dark plodding acid which is always a winner, Choke Hold retains the acid but again brings in the breakbeat / old skool vibes. x Sonar Free 4 Track EP teams up with Sonar Festival to give-away 4 exclusive tracks from Amon Tobin, Thundercat, Lapalux, Om Unit and Nightwave. With Sonar Festival starting this week, we have again decided to showcase some of the artists performing at the festival. We have curated a 4 track EP made up of free and exclusive tracks from some of their favourite artists playing at the Barcelona Festival. Amon Tobin, Thundercat, Lapalux, Om Unit and Nightwave feature in the EP made up of exclusive, unreleased and rare tracks… But be quick, the download will only be available to download for 24 hours. Download the 4-track EP by going to The download will be available until Thursday 14th June at 1500 GMT.

Orbital : Bloc 2012 Warm Up Mix

William S. Braintree : Tortilla Flotilla EP

7 track EP with free additional 10 track album The Well Tempered Square Wave available to download from William S. Braintree now.
Maybe not breaking much new ground musically but adds well to the IDM genre and well worth a listen

You can download the whole shebang on his bandcamp page, its available as a pay what you like deal, so if things are tight you can download for free and maybe drop him some coin when you have some to spare.

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Legowelt / Orgue Electronique : 8Bahn Area Festival

6-8 July 2012 8Bahn Area Festival Netherlands, a whole host of electronic music artists playing for the 3 day festival including Levon Vincent, I-F, Legowelt, Loud-E, David Vunk and Robert Hood amongst many many more. Check the web site  for more info and tickets
To promote the event 8Bahn and have some exclusive mixes to stream or download with our pick being the Legowelt and Orque Electronique mixes

Monday, June 11, 2012

V Recordings Podcast : Bryan Gee

Long standing Drum & Bass label V Recordings latest Podcast is up with Bryan Gee hosting his recent Ministry Of Sound Radio show.
Expect 2 hours of nothing too nasty just nice flowing D+B

Dazed x Sonos : Actress Mixtape

Following on from mixes from Andy Votel and Veronica Vasicka, Dazed Digital x Sonos now have a mix from Actress up on Mixcloud, stay tuned for more in this mixtape series..

Bruce Haack : Remixes LP Stones Throw

Out today is the much anticipated Bruce Haack remixes LP on Stones Throw.
Remixes come courtesy of Jonti, Peanut Butter Wolf, James Pants, Vex Ruffin, Prince Language, Jonwayne, The Stepkids and Samiyam.

Dave Skywalker (almost) Live @ Freedomism, London June 1st 2012

Dave Skywalker (almost) live @ Freedomism, London June 1st  2012.
Due to technical hitches Dave did not get a good recording of the mix on the night, so instead of shrugging his shoulders he recreated the mix

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DJ Harvey : Locussolus : Berghain

Something new from the DJ Harvey Locussolus project up on International Feels Soundcloud. For us not as infectious as Gunship but very forwarding thinking, have a listen..

Beltram Vs Belgium : DJ AKeenan Mix

91' inspired Belgium rave sound mix from AKeenan. Check the tracklisting below to get an idea of what to expect

1. J'N'J - The Ballet (Beat Box International - BB 038)
2. Plexus - Auto Shutter (DiKi Records - DIKI 49.12.31)
3. Lewis Lovebump - Spacetime (Zazaboem - ZZB 010)
4. Noise Factory - Imperative (Ibiza Records - IR004)
5. Lost - The Gonzo (Perfecto - PT 44196)
6. Mental Mayhem - Joey's Riot (Atmosphere Records - AT-4)
7. C.Y.B.E.R.F.U.N.K. - Live At The Wunderbar (Wunderwerke - WW 01)
8. Mark One (2) - Hoovers + Spray Cans (Recherché Records - RE-00-2)
9. FZ - Forbidden Zone (Not On Label - FZ 777)
10. Nebula II - Atheama (Reinforced Records, J4M Records - RIVET 1211)
11. Temple Of Life - EDP (Not On Label (Temple Of Life Self-released) - T LIFE 001)
12. CJ Bolland - Horsepower (R & S Records UK - RSUK 6)
13. Set Up System - Music And Noise (Big Time International - BTI 9105)
14. Problem House - Syncage Trouble (Hithouse Records - HIT 6.011)
15. Final Exposure - Vortex (Plus 8 Records Ltd. - PLUS8010)
16. Escape From Brooklyn - Ecstacy Recall (Two Guys On Acid Remix) (Brooklyn Groove Productions BGP-001RX)
17. Terra Incognita - Violence (Chill - TUV 16)
18. Leo Anibaldi - Noise Generation (ACV - ACV 997)
19. The Project - Here We Go (R & S Records UK – RS LP1)
20. Choci - Multiform 2 (Tonkoid Records - MF-2)
21. Jessie Deep! - S.H.U.M. (Music Man Records - MMI 9088)
22. The Nighttripper - Phuture (ESP Records - ESP 9108-1)
23. Modular Expansion - Cubes (Music Man Records - MMI 9021)
24. Sykosis 451 - Hurricane (Bad Ass Toons,BAD ASS T 001)
25. P&C1 - Kiss The Ground (Not On Label - PC 1)
26. Indo Tribe - Owl (I Can See You Mix) (Jumpin' & Pumpin'12 TOT 16)

Sebo Sellout & flowOne : 7 Steps For Better Listening

Sebo Sellout & flowOne with a modern, multitrack, break and sample mix, including more than 180 rare, obscure and sometimes even funny breaks and songs from all corners of the world.
The music was recorded from original, first press vinyl only.
Every step was mixed and edited in Steinberg CuBase, by using multiple layers of sound, drum edits and vocal skits. A year in the making and now finally ready!!

Stream below or download direct (here)

Friday, June 8, 2012

Colin Favor Kiss FM Cassette Rip 28th May 1991

Another cassette rip from our archive, Colin Favor on his Kiss FM weekly radio show from the 28th May 1991, this includes an interview with DJ Pierre. Enjoy!!

Amon Guru : Space Explosion LP

The Russian Lilith label has over the past eight years been reissuing a choice roster of hard to find and essential LP's from the likes of Cluster, Harmonia, Faust, Brainticket and Can to name a few.

The latest release on the label is a reissue of the 2007 compilation originally on the US Cleopatra label entitled Die Krautrock Explosion from Amon Guru (a krautrock supergroup featuring members of Cluster, Guru Guru, Die Krupps, Amon Düül II and Faust).

Now available for the first time on LP and including a CD copy of the release with an additional 4 tracks originally released on their album Other Places

Available now at Juno

BS-1 - Live At Radio Resistancia For IFM

Back after a short break and in time for a nice dark 30 minute electro techno mix from BS-1 for Radio Resistancia for Intergalactic FM