Friday, June 22, 2012

Peter J Woods : Fear

Peter J Woods : Fear c20/c9/c17 Box Set
3 x Hi-bias Type II cassettes housed in a vinyl box w/ Full color cover + 3 full color inserts

Over the past three years, noise artist Peter J Woods has been slowly changing his style from straight ahead harsh noise and power electronics performances to one that more closely resembles darkly absurdist theatre. “Fear” represents the culmination of this change, collecting the audio portion of five previously staged theatre works (and one brand new, purely auditory piece) on three different cassette tapes. As a musical work, “Fear” finds Woods in familiar, albeit a more distilled form. Harsh walls and howled vocals interrupt long silences and minimal, textural recordings that create a tone of unsettled calm and ensuing terror. More then just exploring the notion, these cassettes induce a primal and unending fear.

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