Friday, May 11, 2012

Blawan : Boiler Room Live DJ Set

Matthewdavid - Disk II - Leaving Records

DISK II is a full-length series of unreleased ambient music from Matthewdavid compiled since Volume 1 (2008-2012), burned to CDr, then housed in a hand-painted 5 & 1/4″ floppy disk. The nine-track collection features the friendships of Eola, Run DMT, Speculator, and a live performance on KXLU.

Available now in a limited edition of 150 copies, you can also download one of the tracks as a taster on the Leaving Records web site (or click here)

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Five For Friday

Five essential purchases this week :

1. Lil Silva : Gobble That
Not strictly one of this weeks releases as some copies popped up at retailers at the tail end of last week. Electro infused dubstep of the highest order!

Buy here

2. Squarepusher : Ufabulum & Enstrobia 2CD
Return to form for Tom Jenkinson on Warp records, released with the extra 3 tracks EP Enstrobia

Buy here

3. Hungry Ghost : (I am a series) of strange loops - International Feel 12"
Uruguay's limited release label comes good yet again, not so much for the A side track Strange Loops but the first track on side B TTAI, an acidic carpenter'esque little number

Buy here

4. Burial : Street Halo / Kindred Japanese CD
Japanese import CD which features both the Street Halo and the recent Kindred EPs collected on one CD. If you don't own these then this is an essential package!

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5. Seahawks : Tender Abyss LP
Previously only available on two very very limited CDR pressings, now with a bonus 6 tracks and pressed onto minty blue vinyl!

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