Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Andrew Weatherall : Sabresonic Radio Show on Kiss FM 1993

Another cassette rip, this time from 1993 from the short run of Sabresonic Radio shows that Andrew Weatherall hosted for Kiss FM. Classic Weatherall banter and some choice tracks.

This download will be available for only one week then its gone, so if you need it grab it while you can

Peaking Lights : Lucifer Mixtape Volume 4

4th Lucifer Mixtape from Peaking Lights is up :

Mark Seven : Groove Dub Edit LTD Download

The notion of a limited download kinda blows my mind, but thats what Mark Seven has done with this exclusive edit for his Parkway Rhythm label. Limited to 100 downloads and then thats it (at the time of writing it was up to 60 downloads, so 40 slots left)

EDIT : Taken the Soundcloud preview down as It appears the download limit was reached and the Mark Seven Groove Dub track has now gone...

Modeselektor / Thom Yorke : This 7"

Double joint release of the day today, first goes to Modeselektor with Thom Yorke "This" on clear yellow vinyl 7" on their German Monkeytown label. Limited to 1000 copies these should fly off the shelves!
Available from Monkeytown Records or Juno

Second release of the day is this reissue LP from Schaltkreis Wassermann with Psychotron on the German label Private Records. Originally released back in 1982, this is an astounding LP, check the sound clips below!