Wednesday, May 23, 2012

IFM New Mixes

Drexciya : Journey Of The Deep Sea Dweller II

Release of the day : Drexciya : Journey Of The Deep Sea Dweller II 
Released today is the second CD compilation of essential electro from the infamous Drexciya on Holland's Clone Classic Cuts. A no brainer purchase for any electro lover and a great companion to the first CD compilation

Psychemagik : Mix For Mixmag

The suns out so its time for some cosmicdiscobalearic action courtesy of Psychemagik for Mixmag. A good mix that really shows off Psychemagik's production and remix skills. Particular favorites are the opener Carnaval De Trancoso and stunning Persian Rub

01. Carnaval De Trancoso - Psychemagik
02. Valley Of Paradise (Greg Wilson Remix) - Psychemagik
03. Shangri-LA (Psychemagik Remix) - Yacht
04. Aldeia De Ogum (Psychemagik Edit) - Joyce
05. Persian Rub - Psychemagik
06. Reckless With Your Love (Psychemagik Remix) - Azari & lll
07. Everything Goes My Way (Psychemagik Remix) - Metronomy
08. Catch (Psychemagik Remix) - The Egg
09. Boogie Drome - Psychemagik
10. Pill Party In India (Psychemagik Remix) - Time And Space Machine

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