Tuesday, May 15, 2012

GTO Kiss 100 FM

WARNING: Unless you like nosebleed high BPM Dutch / German / Homegrown early 90's hardcore and techno then you may do well to skip this post, if you do then carry on and enjoy...

Blast from the past this, one for the Gabber / Hardcore / Bonkers Hard Techno lovers. Back in 1993 while Colin Favor was away on holiday GTO (Lee Newman & Michael Wells) stood in for him on his Kiss FM radio show, the result is 90 minutes of madness!!
This is from a personal cassette rip so the quality varies, you can download the show from the link below, all it costs is one measly twitter tweet...

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  1. Could you please re-upload the file as it is deleted. Looking forward to it.

    Thank you.