Sunday, April 15, 2012

James Pants - Metal Tearducts

Oki-ni presents Metal Tearducts By James Pants

James Pants is one of those larger than life characters that you’d think could only exist in films. The son of two Presbyterian ministers, Pants started out as a teenage DJ for a black nationalist rap group, but his big break in music came when he ducked out of his own prom – date in tow – to see Stones Throw Records boss Peanut Butter Wolf play.
After introducing himself and his date, Pants secured an internship that became a record deal that became a legend. When we asked James to put together a mix for us we knew we were in for something special, and we weren't wrong. A collection of unique home recordings and rarities, his mix encapsulates his take on modern music.
As James puts it "internet is now a genre" and this mix is digital rain cried through metal tear ducts.
Here's what James has to say about his mix:
"Ultimately, this mix is a compilation of some of my favorite songs over the past few months. Mostly stuff I've been able to find cheap while record shopping recently along with some crazy stuff sent by friends. The lineup is basically all home-recording experiments or royalty-free corporate presentation records.
 I've become obsessed with the digital meta-world as of late and how it's changing linguistics, physical functions and emotions - and I think all these songs have an over-powering spectre of cyberspace haunt to them - even if some of them are smooth as shit. They are the 70s, 80s and 90s (and in the case of Dean, contemporary) early warning prophets of what is currently happening to auditory organs. Internet is now a genre"

You can find the mix on Oki-ni mix series page via mixcloud here

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