Monday, April 16, 2012

Lets Go Into Space

This could be our album of the month, Lets Go Into Space on Private Records features a collection of eight rarer than hens teeth synth / cosmic disco cuts, many of which were only ever pressed on 7" vinyl back in the late 70's / early 80's.

LP Tracklisting
1 Bruno Spoerri – Hallo World
2 Schaltkreis Wassermann – Space Shuttle
3 Air  – Hyperdrive
4 Ayisha – Space Man
5 Peter Moesser's Music – High
6 Enigma  – Cave Man
7 Cosmic Hoffmann – Spacedisco (Cosmic Hoffmann Edit)
8 Joyce  – Sweet Dreams

The LP is limited to just 300 numbered copies and since its release in early April has been selling out at most online shops lucky enough to get copies in with a few now either completely sold out or on there second and final shipment.
We hightly recommend this LP for any spacey synth / cosmic disco lovers!

Lets Go Into Space available at Juno

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