Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pole : Birth Of Reggae Music Mix

Available via Self Titled Daily, a new mix from Pole

Pole, “Birth of Reggae Music” Mix:
Pluggy Satchmo “23rd Psalm”
Junior Delgado “Sons of Slave”
Michael Palmer “Don´t smoke the Seed”
Calvin Stuart “Babylon a turn dem back”
Badoo “Rocking of the 10.000″
Gregory Isaacs “Reservation”
Gregory Isaacs “House of Leo”
Lee Perry “Bucky Skank”
Patrick Andy “Smiling Face”
Skulls “Tird World”
Don Carlos “Mr Sun”
Michael Prophet “Mash sown Rome”
Vivian Jackson “Black Starliner is coming”
Max Romeo “Birth of Reggae Music”
Desmond Dekker “Fumanchu”
Pluggy Satchmo “23rd Psalm”

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