Monday, April 23, 2012

Various : Head Music

Release of the day goes to this compilation on Fruit De Mer Records, produced to mark the 40th anniversary of the German Brain label, famed for early krautrock and electronic releases by the likes of Cluster, Guru Guru and Klaus Schulze.
Limited to 850 copies on coloured vinyl with no digital or CD versions, this release features classic seventies krautrock, motorik rhythms, acid jams and kosmische sounds, including covers of classic tracks by Can, Neu!, Amon Duul and Kraftwerk

side one
Intro - Eroc
Waterfall (Jane) - Johnny Vines
Paramechanical World (Amon Duul I) - Earthling Society
Surrounded By The Stars (Amon Duul II) - Jay Tausig
Madrigal Meridian (Tangerine Dream) - Electric Moon
Trans Europe Express (Kraftwerk) - Anla Courtis

side two
Nearby Shiras (Kalacakra) - Vibravoid
Lila Engel (originally by Neu!) - Palace of Swords
I Want More (Can) - Saturn's Ambush
Silver Cloud (La Dusseldorf) - Frobisher Neck Heads South By Weaving
Ruckstoss Gondoliere (Kraftwerk) - Dead Sea Apes

side three
Mushroom (Can) - Language of Light
Bayreuth Return (Klaus Schulze) - Black Tempest
Mantra II (Popol Vuh) - Zenith:Unto The Stars
Negativland (Neu!) - Temple Music

side four
Schizo (Ash Ra Tempel) - Frobisher Neck
Dino (Harmonia) - Vert:x
Lied An Zons (Arno Clauss) - Electric Orange
China (Electric Sandwich) - The Bevis Frond

Available from the fine folk at Norman records (Click here)

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