Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Venetian Snares : Sleep LP

Canadian producer Aaron Funk, better known as Venetian Snares, will release a new album next month under the name Sleep.
The record is called Last Sleep and is due out on Planet Mu. It's a marked departure from the violent drum & bass that's long been Funk's calling card as Venetian Snares; as Sleep, he delivers left-field beats with a 4/4, all made while he was on the brink of consciousness. He explains the process this way:
"For awhile, when I was really tired and ready to go to bed instead of going to sleep I would make a tune. Get some stuff going on my sequencers, drum machines, patch up my modular and just jam it. Would fall asleep a lot listening to the sequences, few seconds of sleep or a few minutes, wake up in it. This is what I sound like in my sleep."

01. Xyrem
02. Somno
03. Microsleeps
04. My Off Days
05. Obispo
06. Lazy Acid 3
07. Avocado
08. Cimicdae
09. Rohypno

 Planet Mu will release Last Sleep on May 7th, 2012.

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