Monday, May 14, 2012

Essex Rascals Podcast : Ben Sims : Looking For The Perfect Beat Mix

Great mix this from Ben Sims, combining funk, go-go, a smattering of electro and hip hop.


Bunny Wailer-Back To School
Sugar Daddy-Another One Bites The Dust
Spoonie Gee-Re-Mix Of Spoonie Rap
Afrika Bambaataa + The Jazzy 5-Jazzy Sensation
Gwen McCrae-Funky Sensation
The Sequence-Funk You Up
The Bar-Kays-Monster
Trouble Funk-Pump Me Up
Chuck Brown + The Soul Searchers-Bustin Loose
Slim-It's In The Mix
Coldcut-The Music Maker
Demon Boyz-Vibes/Acapella
Mantronix-King Of The Beats
Uptown-Dope On Plastic/Dubstamental
DJ Polo + Kool G Rap.It's A Demo
T La Rock + Jazzy Jay-It's Yours
MC Shan-The Bridge
Wu Tang Clan-Sucker Mc's/Instrumental
Boogie Boys - Break Dancer
S.O.S. Band - The Finest/Accapella
Art Of Noise - Beatbox
Rochelle - My Magic Man/Machine Gun Dub
Pumpkin - King of The Beats
Alisha - All Night Passion/Dub All Night
Sanny x + P-Rez - Splashdown (The Hip Hop)
Word Of Mouth feat DJ Cheese - King Kut
Z-3 MC's - Triple Threat
Jazzy Jay - Def Jam
Pumpkin And The Profile All-Stars - Here Comes That Beat!
Hardrock Soul Movement - Double Def Fresh/Non Scratch Dance Mix
Joyce Sims - All And All/The U.K Re-Mix
Gwen Guthrie - Ain't Nothing Going On But The Rent
Mantronix - Bassline
Davy DMX - One For The Treble
Dimples D - Sucker Dj's/Accapella
Fresh 3 Mc's - Fresh
The Rapologists-Hip Hop Beat/Street Mix
Globe+Whiz Kid-Play That Beat Mr DJ
C.O.D-In The Bottle/Disconet Extended Edit
Captain Rock-The Return Of Captain Rock
Afrika Bambaataa+The Soul Sonic Force-Looking For The Perfect Beat/Instrumental

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