Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Parrot : Faith Magazine

The new issue of Faith Magazine has been out a couple of weeks and it includes in depth interview with Parrot aka Richard Barrett (Sweet Exorcist, All Seeing I etc). The interview is now online in full on Faith fanzine

January 2012: What have you been up to since the last Earth release?
The last release on Earth proper was about 10 years ago, a release with my big, blind and daft Mancunian friend Anif Akinola who produced Voodoo Ray. After that, I drifted off into child rearing, just doing the odd record; a couple of things for The Lovers (Anglo-French electronic duo from Sheffield) and a 7″ with Richard Hawley… When the offspring started school, I got a bit of a shock, thinking it was time to get summat going again, but found out the fucking record business had collapsed.

Ah, yes, the death of vinyl. Once you got over that bombshell… who are you working with?
I’d got an old acquaintance name of Mick Ward, a songwriter I’d admired since the early 80′s (when he was in Floy Joy with his brother Shaun). As an ardent fan of Ze Records, he’d taken the band to Detroit to work with Was (Not Was). Over the years we’d bump into each other now and again, saying we should get together on some tunes one day, and eventually fell into each other’s cold and lonely embrace. Then Roisin (Murphy) rang up and started telling me about her new LP, which she wanted to be House Music, and would I do it? I explained that it’d be about 25 years out of date, as I had a morbid fear of nightclubs and hadn’t been near one in decades. She said that’s kind of what she wanted, so we started doing rhythm tracks for her. Only one of these actually got finished before she had to go off and do something else, but I was enjoying myself and carried on, roping Wardy in to write with me. So you can blame Murphy for The Crooked Man.

‘Crooked Man’… An odd name for a dance act, where did it come from? 
The name is just a comment at the general state of me. And Crooked House felt like a good description of music that certain people were saying wasn’t really House in the first place. Disco Fraudulence!

Continue reading the full interview at Faith Fanzine (here)

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