Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Release Of The Day

Demdike Stare / Slant Azymuth / Finders Keepers : Make Do & Mend EP1

For this genuine handmade and time sensitive cottage project the people at Finders Keepers/B-Music/Pre-Cert have collaborated on this special release representing the genuine essence of independent music at its most self sufficient resulting in 125 bespoke items individually hand stitched and home screen printed in Manchester.

Influenced entirely by 3 classic self-funded hauteur projects from the Finders Keepers archive Miles Whittaker, Sean Canty and Andy Votel take three conceptual works by independent creatives JP Massiera (France), Billy Green and Sandy Harbutt (Australia) and Bruno Spoerri (Switzerland) and dissect, re-contextualise and re-stitch some of their finest home-produced historical projects spanning 5 decades of manmade and self-motivated patchwork expermiantal pop.

Each vinyl record features unique artwork physically depicting the needlework motif used on the recent Make Do & Mend subscription series that saw artists and forward-thinking listeners collaborate to litterally support and save Finders Keepers Records after the huge stock loss in last years London riots.

This three track release features two pieces from Demdike Stare's now sold out Make Do And Mend CD finally remastered and pressed on to vinyl due to popular demand whle the exclusive collaboration from Slant Azymuth and Bruno Spoerri echoes the sprit of Whittaker/Votel/Canty's deleted debut EP and pre-empts the forthcoming self-funded soundtrack LP of unreleased music to a experimental Swiss film due for release via Finders Keepers' Cache Cache secret sister label later this spring.

Available to buy on the Finders Keepers web shop (Here)

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