Thursday, April 19, 2012

DJ Food : Sesame Street Special

Courtesy of Resonance FM :

Jonny Trunk / DJ Food : Sesame Street Special

Soundtracks, library and television music with Jonny Trunk. 
Something of a curveball for you this week, as rather than bring you the recent DJ Food episode (don’t worry, it’s coming!), the man otherwise known as Mr. Strictly Kev has been kind enough to send us a copy of his original OST appearance way back in 2004. We’re more than delighted to have it, partly because we weren’t terribly good at archiving ourselves back then, but mostly because at the time Kev was knee-deep in a project unearthing long-lost gems from deep within the vaults of the former Children’s Television Workshop. Yes, this week it’s all about Sesame Street and Kev brings us a selection full to bursting with tracks that you simply haven’t heard. The seven-minute performance of ‘Superstition’ is worth it alone, but that’s barely the tip of the iceberg. We’ve given you Sesame Street specials on these podcast pages before, but THIS is the original and the material here is largely unreleased.

Visit Resonance FM or click here to hear the Sesame Street Special

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